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SwfControlSwfControl is your custom, self-hosted flash game version control solution letting you make post-release updates to your flash games, whereever they have spread to.

Your Content, Your Control

SwfControl lets you update your flash games in the wild, and lets you do so efficiently by only distributing the difference of the old and the new version to the players, in the form of patches. Moreover, the patches are hosted by you, giving you total control over your updates.

You can use the updates to fix bugs or fine-tune the game experience, run campaigns to cross-promote your new games, and many more! Even a special part of your preloader – called the overlay – can be updated.

Independence and Secured Revenue

SwfControl is a product with which you can create and manage the update patched yourself. This means that you don’t depend on any third party version control provider, which is very important if you plan to become a professional and stay in the field for a long time. Imagine what would happen to your games if your version control provider disappeared overnight?

For the same reason, the ability to update your game via SwfControl and switch service providers on-the-fly comes handy, as it helps you to upkeep the continuity of your revenue stream and business. For example, if your advertisement provider ceases services, you can easily switch to an other one by updating your game. Even your preloader ad can be switched by updating the overlay.

If you are a sponsor and have ever feared that the games you sponsored receive an ill update, SwfControl helps you. By hosting the update patches yourself, the decision to introduce and revoke patches is solely in your hands.

Custom Preloader, Better Brand Recognition

SwfControl provides you an easy to use ActionScript3 API to implement your custom preloader, but does not impose any constraints on you. You are in complete control of when and what does your preloader display, giving you freedom to use your creativity.

Also, SwfControl does not introduce any third-party links or graphical elements to your preloader, thus making your own brand more recognizable by players. This increased brand awareness leads in turn to better reputation and more returning players on the long run.

I Want It!

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