Overcome programming anxiety. Don't spend sleepless nights pondering.

This ebook offers practical introspection methods and productivity tips for software developers. Learn to recognize and evict the true cause of non-progress.
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Knowledge earned by hard experience, which is always valuable.

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Topics Covered

Common Sources
Dealing with unclear expectations, time pressure and failure.
Fear of the Unknown
Executing with vigor. Recognizing sneaky glitches.
Procrastination and Blockage
Tackling multitude of choices, unfamiliar tasks and perceived complexity.
Generic Mitigations
Organizing thoughts. Maintaining physical and mental hygiene.
Bugs and Debugging
Strategies for tracking down bugs. Gainful experimentation vs wasting time. Depending on open‑source without regret.
Everyday Productivity
Reading code. Pushing back on feature requests. Fact‑checking and Big Data.
Team and Social Aspects
Giving and receiving feedback. Leading and responsibility. Drinking Coffee.
Outside Work bonus chapter
Balancing time between family, work and hobby. Avoiding fallacies stemming from programmer mindset.

I hope this compact and to the point ebook will save you from much stress. I want to summarize my software development and tech leading experience in order to provide methods for overcoming anxiety and unproductive blockage. I wish my peers hours well spent and nights of calm sleep.

Stats: so far 19 pages have been written. I expect to total around 40 pages and be ready by August 2019.