How Much Time do Meetings Unwaste?

As programmers, we like to give in to the cliché of meetings as a waste of time and money. There are even a few meeting waste calculators around online.

As I point out in my ebook Programming without Anxiety, we tend to confuse coding (the appearance of more lines in the editor) with progress. Thus we are hostile to any interruptions, meetings included, that break our imaginary progress.

But remember the last time you worked on a feature for a week, only to discover later it was unneeded? Or a small misunderstanding causing a bug that took a few days to find and fix? Meetings, or any other forms of discussion, can help to avoid building the wrong thing, which is a lot more expensive than the meeting itself.

Use the meeting unwaste calculator below to see how much money meetings save you!

minutes of meeting
Per-person averages:
K yearly salary, in units of your choice
% chance of something getting clarified
days until discovery of building the wrong thing

Exercise I: Consider why, if meetings are profitable, are we not just having meetings all day long?

Exercise II: Try to find the conditions where the meeting is a zero-profit activity.

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